New Team Ico Video

Team Ico, the developers that created the supremely beautiful Ico and it’s spectacular follow up Shadow of the Colossus has up until now been incredibly quiet about it’s plans for the PS3. However with E3 just around the corner a new video for their upcoming project Trico has appeared.

Fans of the team’s previous offerings will immediately recognise the art style. From the small boy (presumably the main character) to his enormous griffin like pet and the sparse ruinous environments, the game shares obvious parallels with it’s predecessors. Not much can be gleaned from the video in terms of gameplay, but knowing Team Ico this is nothing to really worry about. The graphics still look a little rough around the edges and the textures less than perfect, but these imperfections will undoubtedly be ironed out over the coming months. The video also opens up speculation as to whether the team will have more of a showing at E3. Lets hope so.