Wal-Mart wants your used games, too

From the site, Neocrisis, comes an article whose author writes about their experience with what appears to be Wal-Mart’s newest test market venture for used games: a vending machine that buys them off of you for in-store credit.

So if you need to buy some melons, ice cream, cereal, or dog food but are short on a few bucks, Wal-Mart has your answer in a not-so-easy to use machine. It seems that when the author had initially tried it, the booth was less than cooperative as it booted them out from the log in screen when they had tried to scan in their games, repeating the error later. At another point, a game they had wasn’t listed in the kiosk’s database.

I’m sure that it has probably worked for others, though, and if this catches on, Gamestop might find itself with some competition. That would be good news because it might actually force them to offer better trade-in values for titles than in forcing used game sellers looking for a better deal to go to Ebay instead. Gamestop still has a huge selection of titles and a pipeline linked right into their shelf space for gamers. And I have no idea how competitive Wal-Mart’s credits are compared to Gamestop’s incredibly frugal weighting of used titles. Could Wal-Mart offer a better deal on games? I don’t know.

In Wal-Mart’s case, though, instead of just using the credit for games, you can pick and choose from everything else…like food or hygiene products. Now you can trade in that copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for a case of beer without having to leave the store. Or punish misbehaving kids by trading in their copy of Halo 3 for broccoli and spam. Progress is awesome! See a picture of it after clicking on the link (courtesy of the original article).