Nintendo said to knock you out

No idea if “Punch-Out!!” for Wii will turn out to be a good game, but the trailer is comedy.

Duke Nukem Forever Strategy Guide Offered for Free

…well, not quite the strategy guide, but how about the actual design documents covering the game from beginning to end?

Courtesy of Duke fansite, Duke4.Net, who seem to have their teeth in the jugular of what has been going on with 3D Realms, they report that the lead designer for Duke Nukem Forever, Rick Huenink, has leaked design docs, previously unreleased screenshots, and even a world chart showing how everything in the game was going to be linked together. You can catch all of the links leading to the goodies here along with the original article.

I downloaded the batch of screens and…well, I’d definitely play it. In addition to the pic at the top the article, a few more choice shots follow below after the jump.

UPDATE: The original link to the article is dead per who have pulled the story due to a response that they were given by an ex-3DR employee who has told them that they “were not obtained with the [employees’] or the companies’ permission and are slanderous to [employees] and the company.”. As a result, we’re doing the same thing as a professional courtesy to the original article, although putting the genie back in the bottle elsewhere is proving to be a little more difficult thanks to more than a few hardcore fans. Apologies to everyone.

That’s right taffers, a new Thief is on its way


Eidos Montreal have officially announced that Thief 4 has been given the green light for production.

With a busy plate that also includes Deus Ex 3, expectations are extremely high in seeing what the studio has planned for the franchise whose adventures had arguably inspired the stealth genre as we know it today.

There’s not much else to see or read into other than the logo, although an interview on IncGamers with Eidos Montreal general manager, Stphane D’Astous, spreads some PR about the game but very little else other than in saying that they promise to hold true to the same ideals that the series is known for. It’s a tall order, but I’m excited all the same to even know that there’s going to be a new chapter to the Thief series.

You can also check out the official site which has a forum already in place to field all of the upcoming speculation.

Majesco: Cooking Mama is multi-platinum

Majesco announced today that the ridiculously cute Cooking Mama game franchise has sold more that 4 million units in the United States. You shouldn’t be surprised — a lovable character that asks you to “cook” stuff via the Wii Remote or DS touch-screen? Complete with actual recipes? Pseudo-teaching tool for the kitchen impaired? Makes sense, especially for all of the aspiring culinary wizards out there.

Duke Nukem Never?


It looks as if Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms has finally been shut down due to lack of funding from publisher Take-Two. 3D Realms had been working on the follow up to the much loved, tongue in cheek title for over 12 years. Take-Two will retain the rights to the game but no real word has been given on it’s current status. Read the original story over at

Ryan Reynolds = Deadpool. For real.

If you don’t know who Deadpool is, he’s the wildly skilled wiseass mercenary played to perfection (at least for a few minutes) by Ryan Reynolds in the first chunk of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s one of those appearances that makes you think, “Hey, this dude should have his own movie.”

Well, it’s apparently going to happen.

The scouting report on Deadpool is that his real name is Wade Wilson, and he’s another product of the Weapon X program. He gets regenerative abilities that stave off his terminal cancer, but the treatment also leaves him a little scrambled in the head. Should be fun.

Fallout 3’s Broken Steel is actually broken

Fallout 3 fans on PCs were disappointed to discover that the newest downloadable content for the game, Broken Steel, has gone missing from Games for Windows Live. The Xbox 360 version, however, remains listed.

The reason behind this seems to be that the early birds lucky enough to grab the download in the wee hours of the morning have reported that it is plagued with several issues, some of which prevent it from being completed. An active thread on Bethesda’s official forum is currently tracking the problems that upset users are more than happy to share.

VG247 has a statement from a Bethesda spokesperson who points the blame at the DRM used by Games for Windows Live, the delivery service through which users can purchase Broken Steel.

Bethesda Softworks has yet to officially acknowledge the problems or issue a statement or their own site or within their forums concerning the reasons for why the content was apparently pulled.

UPDATE: Sites such as Planet Fallout and, earlier today, Eurogamer, have confirmed that the issue is connected to the DRM installed via Games for Windows Live.

In related news, no one is surprised.