Mechwarrior Returns

A few teaser videos have led up to an official announcement and interview on IGN that Piranha Games are developing a new Mechwarrior, unleashing howls of cautious joy among the FASA faithful. Jordan Weisman, one of the original co-founders of the Mechwarrior franchise and FASA’s RPG workshop, will be teaming up with Piranha on rebooting the mechanized series for newcomers. With over twenty five years of lore, Weisman and Piranha’s president, Russ Bullock, hope to ease players back into the world without having to rewrite it.

From Weisman’s take on the idea, you won’t have to know what the Third Succession War was, who the Clans are, or why the game takes place in 3015 to enjoy the feeling of piloting a walking war machine several stories high. Instead, the game takes place during a crisis point in Mechwarrior’s long and storied history at just the right time for new arrivals to get a crash course on how to survive the world around it. Sounds like fantastic stuff and to read the interview, Weisman sounds just as dedicated to keeping Mechwarrior exciting for both veterans and the current-gen of players who may have never picked up any of the series’ sourcebooks.

Anyway, here’s the trailer courtesy of Youtube. The wait is almost over.