Feeling Nostalgic?


Overworks’ Skies of Arcadia’s continues to hold a dear place in the hearts of many RPGers that have taken to the skies in the game as good hearted pirates in search of riches and adventure. Filled with memorable characters, clever sky combat, and traditional RPG gameplay on the ground, many of us are still waiting for an official sequel.

But it looks like Ignition Entertainment may have something that might be the next best thing.

The Nintendo DS continues to out-RPG the PS3 (not counting the PS2/PS1 libraries) and the Xbox 360 with the sheer number of adventures that have been created for it. From Final Fantasy to Fire Emblem, the DS has the odd position of being the place to be if you can’t get your fill of RPG goodness.

Now with Nostalgia, Matrix Software and Red Entertainment hope to send players on a worldwide adventure through the skies during the 19th century using airships and their own wits on the ground. The main site for the game is up showing off a few screenshots of the game, a trailer, as well as going into detail about its gameplay making me wish that this had a console release instead. If we’re not going to get a sequel to Skies, Nostalgia looks like it might be the thing to help ease the pain.

The story described on the main site sets up everything neatly with a lost father, a famous adventurer who had also taken to the skies and had defied all of the odds until one fateful day when he had simply disappeared. The good news is that he had left behind an airship and his son, who apparently hasn’t fallen far from the tree, is all set to take it up and out in order to find him.

Cities such as Cairo, New York, and even Tokyo in the 19th century are all destinations that the player can visit and I’m willing to bet that there will be plenty of stores, dungeons, and quests to explore each one with. I’m not sure yet if a top hat and a sword cane are part of the arsenal, but I wouldn’t be too surprised. It also helps that the game has a little steampunkish vibe to it with its super advanced skyships battling it out. It’s not clear just how high you can fly, but apparently the more altitude you gain the deadlier the enemies become leaving me to wonder just what it up there.

And just like in Skies of Arcadia, the player can modify their ship by upgrading its parts. On the ground, a branching skill system will allow players to develop their characters while beating down enemies within the dungeons that they will undoubtedly uncover. There’s even a notebook to track everything you find in the game from airships to quests.

The game is also going to be in 3D and the graphics don’t look half bad. But the screens showing off the adventure both in the skies and on the ground make me wish even more for a sequel to one of my favorite RPGs. But it looks like that Nostalgia is set to fill in that empty space with plenty of tall tales and world spanning monster bashing both in the skies and on the ground.

Can’t wait.


Front of the Nostalgia postcards that were available at E3