Fighting Games, PC Style

When someone is looking for a good reason to keep playing on the PC, you might want to point them to M.U.G.E.N.. It’s a free, 2D fighting engine that allows modders to create, you guessed it, 2D fighting games like the ones in the old arcades when they weren’t an endangered species.

It’s been around for years and hobbyists have managed to blend nearly every character imaginable into their vision of the “perfect” fighter creating some fantastically bizarre duels. There’s also a thriving community out there doing everything from technical support in helping newcomers get a grip on how to run it to pixel artists trading characters and backgrounds for designers to make use of in their own releases.

And when I said bizarre, I wasn’t kidding. Check out this matchup between Darkstalker’s own Morrigan and the Japanese version of Ronald McDonald in front of a Burger King. I guess neither one of them wanted to use the drive through.