Bring Out Your Sims

The Sims 3 is selling like hotcakes on the PC, nearly doing more than twice the number of sales that Prototype did on the Xbox 360 in the same period according to Gamasutra, and you can bet that there are those that are more interested in finding out how many ways that their collection of simulated life can meet and greet the Grim Reaper as opposed to each other.

I’ll admit, I’ve done one or two of the things described in the video posted below such as removing the ladders on a pool. But I really did try to play the game as intended later on.

At one point, I had visited my brother during his internship and he had the game on a PC so I created a small house with a sim. Everything seemed to be going okay, so when we both left to get some Chinese, I left it running. When we came back an hour or so later, my sim was a pile of ashes and there were tombstones in the kitchen. I’m not sure what happened, but this time, it wasn’t my fault.

Anyway, aside from the immaculate neighborhoods with manicured lawns, knowing what might happen when a Sim mixes poor cooking skills with an oven have led to quite a few videos that cover the consequences. If you need a refresher course on what went on in the Sims 2 and what COULD happen again in the follow up, you might want to check out this next clip.

And here’s a little from the Sims 3.

Disclaimer: BTW, I take no responsibility for the consequences that may arise out from the significant others that may become upset at your own attempts to reproduce any of the above in their game without their knowledge. Like that will stop anyone.

Trailer time: Iron Man 2

I’m not sure I want this. Iron Man beating the hell out of even more machines sounds like a fun time, but the first game also featured one of the crazier spikes in difficulty I’ve experienced in a while. It was like the game had a sudden mood swing and decided to hurl unavoidable waves of missiles and ordinance at you until you were ash. This wasn’t like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry 3, games that made you fully aware of their hate for you early on. The first Iron Man practically betrayed you. It wasn’t a bad-looking game, though — just not particularly fun for me.

Review: Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood


Polish developer Techland’s Call of Juarez was a western-styled shooter filled with plenty of spaghetti-styled trappings and action that told of a story between outlaw-turned-preacher, Reverend McCall, and Billy Candle whose mixed Native American ancestry had made him something of an outsider on both sides of the fence in the Wild West. Centering around the legend of the treasure ransom paid by the Aztec Empire in the sixteenth century for Montezuma to Cortez, everyone was convinced that they would find it first…as long as they survived the standard curse that accompanies such vast amounts of loose change.

Bound in Blood is the prequel to the first game, telling the story of the three McCall brothers and how a crack shot and vicious bastard like Ray had turned to religion, although you needn’t have played the first to get an idea of what is going on here. Putting you in Ray’s shoes as a Confederate sergeant in 1864 defending a series of trenches against the Union army, it’s clear that Techland will be spinning as much of a western yarn as it will put six shooters and rifles into the player’s hands.
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EVO 2009 crowns its first World Champion

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frasier. Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya. Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago. Daigo Umehara vs. Justin Wong…wait, what?

Gamers, especially those of the fighting variety, will likely know what that last matchup is all about especially after this weekend when the EVO 2009 Championship Series hosted in Las Vegas had wrapped up over 50,000 matches spread across many of the most popular fighting franchises in video gaming today. The largest annual fighting tourney of its kind in the world, they’ve been gathering many of the most competitive players on the planet under one roof for a chance at glory over the last ten years.

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First impressions: NCAA Football 10 (360)


I had a lot of Erin Andrews in my life over the weekend. Not because I wanted to simply ogle the ESPN sports reporter some have dubbed the “Sideline Princess,” but because she’s a central part of one of the game’s more intriguing features — the Road to Glory. It’s a takeoff of last year’s Road to the Heisman and the college football franchise’s long-standing equivalent to Madden’s career / superstar mode.

The premise is that EA (the woman, not the company) has picked you to be part of her special series, which aims to follow the path of a student-athlete and his accomplishments from his last days of high school to the time he leaves college. It has a kind of Hoop Dreams sentiment to it, but with more flashing lights and graphics. You obviously have to suspend reality a bit here, since we’re talking about four to five years of work, and this is the kind of stuff that usually shows up in dramatic documentary form after the fact. Also, a lot can happen in that time: What if you stink up the joint and never start a game in your life? Hell, what happens if you’re completely average? In the real world, you probably wouldn’t be worth a story.

At some point, I want to see how Road to Glory handles a clearly unglorious prospect. Perhaps one day we’ll see a concept of building a player in college who is “followed” by Andrews or any other sports reporters from the first time he steps on the field (NCAA Football) to the day he retires from the NFL (Madden), culminating in some sort of retrospective report. It adds a bit of role-playing, something I think can be undervalued in the world of sports games. Imagine having your path from college walk-on to NFL superstar chronicled in a larger scale sports fantasy series. Just a thought.

Anyway, the following are some random musings from a weekend with EA:
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I finally made it to my first Video Games Live


Concert? Symphony orchestra? Video games? Combine these together, and you get Video Games Live which I had finally managed to attend a show of after hearing so much about it. Hearing some of gaming’s most famous themes backed by a full orchestra, choir, and stand out vocalists in a vast music hall is definitely an experience to remember.
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Fighting Games, PC Style

When someone is looking for a good reason to keep playing on the PC, you might want to point them to M.U.G.E.N.. It’s a free, 2D fighting engine that allows modders to create, you guessed it, 2D fighting games like the ones in the old arcades when they weren’t an endangered species.

It’s been around for years and hobbyists have managed to blend nearly every character imaginable into their vision of the “perfect” fighter creating some fantastically bizarre duels. There’s also a thriving community out there doing everything from technical support in helping newcomers get a grip on how to run it to pixel artists trading characters and backgrounds for designers to make use of in their own releases.

And when I said bizarre, I wasn’t kidding. Check out this matchup between Darkstalker’s own Morrigan and the Japanese version of Ronald McDonald in front of a Burger King. I guess neither one of them wanted to use the drive through.

Feeling Nostalgic?


Overworks’ Skies of Arcadia’s continues to hold a dear place in the hearts of many RPGers that have taken to the skies in the game as good hearted pirates in search of riches and adventure. Filled with memorable characters, clever sky combat, and traditional RPG gameplay on the ground, many of us are still waiting for an official sequel.

But it looks like Ignition Entertainment may have something that might be the next best thing.
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Welcome to moonwalk hell …

.. or heaven, depending on how fanatical a Michael Jackson fan you are. I was just sent a link to a site that features the moonwalks of the world, an everlasting Flash tribute to the newly deceased King of Pop and his signature move.

Just be warned: Some of these folks are absolutely terrible at this. Here you go … the Eternal Moonwalk.

You can, of course, load up your own rendition of the moonwalk to site. Like you didn’t think about doing that.