The new PS3, tiny and bold

In case you haven’t hear, there’s some news from Sony at Gamescom in Germany — a smaller, less pricier version of the PS3. The PS3 Slim is real. Even the price is smaller, checking in at $299. You can hear SCEA lead dog Jack Tretton give a rundown of the system over at the PlayStation blog.


I like the design. I like the price, especially since I got my original monolith PS3 bundled with Uncharted and Motorstorm for a heap of cash. However, I also like being able to play stuff like God of War, Vagrant Story, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami and a bunch of other PS2 classics. It was actually a big selling point for me. I imagine a lot of people are going to see this as the tipping point to go and get one. (or, perhaps 360 owners are sick of worrying about their system red-ringing every time they turn it on). However, I’m also curious to see what happens in regards to trade-ins. Anger? Rage? Or a silent resignation that you wanted to be an early adopter, succeeded, and probably knew something like this was going to occur?

Other highlights: It uses less power, which means it’s not going to make as much noise as the earlier black fortress edition that everyone has. Thing is, compared to the 360, the PS3 is practically the Red October in terms of silent running. So that’s not really a major selling point for me — besides, are you really going to notice system noise when Kratos is disemboweling centaurs in HD? The volume’s not going to be up for that? Other cute tech bits include “Bravia Sync,” which enables Bravia TV’s XMB (cross-media bar) to be controlled through the PS3. There’s also a feature that turns off the PS3 when the TV shuts down, because apparently we can’t have people mustering the energy to push another button.

We’ll get to see how this plays out, starting Sept. 1. My original PS3 is staying where it is, unless our new dog does something menacing to it.

  • who me

    I wont be buying the “new” Playstation 3 no matter what price it’s going to be. I used to be a big Sony Playstation,PS2 fan. I bought the PS3 before I even considered buying a 360. I played on my PS3 for only about 3 months, then packed it away in its box and put it in the closet for about 5-6 months while I “re-did” the inside of my house. After all the construction was done and the new carpet was put in I brought my PS3 out again. I played on it for less than a month. All of a sudden my PS3 wont read any discs at all. Not DVDs, not Bluerays, nor any games what so ever. I looked up on the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem, and it seems that there are web sites dedicated to people’s complaints about the same problem. Even Sony confirms knowledge about this! I e-mailed Sony and asked what to do to get it fixed. I got a reply telling me to send in my PS3, along with $120.00 and they will fix it for me. Thats bullsh!t. So, then I paid about $450.00 when I first bought the piece of crap, plus another $120.00, so that Sony could fix a problem that they are responsible for and are aware of. You tell me who the better company is? Microsoft was aware of the ring of death problem and are fixing their customers 360’s for free. Now I’ll buy whatever system Microsoft comes out with in the future. Their system is better, and Microsoft cares about the products they put out and takes care of whatever was their fault. Not to mention their customers happiness. Doesn’t Sony have enough money, that they cant pay for their own mistakes?