Windows 7 is cuter than Vista

Driving all the way out to a Windows 7 launch event in the wee hours of the morning was worth the effort if only for the chocolate muffins that they had ready for breakfast (the free software was a good incentive, too, but I wished they had included the 64-bit version).

So why care? Windows 7 is MS’ new operating system that promises to do everything that Vista does while being much friendlier and easier to use (among other things, better driver support, GUI enhancements, much fewer annoying messages asking if you “want to do this” or not because the UAC was tweaked after much feedback…). Does this mean that Vista is now obsolete? Of course not, but tech-addicted users may feel the urge to upgrade even harder to resist since it seems to be getting a much more positive response from the pros that have been playing with it.

Besides, how can you resist it after watching this?

Is the Death of the Controller Coming?


Ever since the Wii appeared on the gaming scene it appears that the other 2 console giants are looking to emulate the success of Nintendo’s oddly named white box with their own tentative forays into the world of motion control.

Sony showed more of it’s light up, wand like controller at TGS, demonstrating that it wasn’t just a dubiously shaped sword analogue, but that it could be used to manipulate environments in titles like Little Big Planet and thus add another level of play to such games. Whereas Microsoft is being slightly more adventurous with it’s Project Natal which promises to open players up to a whole new dimension of gaming by doing away with the controller completely, allowing players to use there bodies to interact with the gaming world.

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Review: Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves


You get no scene-setting narrative in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Instead, you get dangled off the end of a derailed train car, which happens to be hanging off the edge of a mountain cliff. You’re in Nepal when this happens, by the way.

It’s the perfect tone-setter for Naughty Dog’s latest body of work. It’s bombastic, adventurous fun in the vein of prime Indiana Jones, juggling action, humor and storytelling in a way that makes you remember how cool treasure-hunting can be.
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Dirty air is NO MATCH for Chinese weather magic!

The same nation that brought us gunpowder has now found a way to give smoggy air the death touch. According to an article out of Reuters, the Chinese air force used a combination of chemicals and gear to clear the sky of bad air for a parade marking Communist China’s 60th anniversary.

They essentially launched chemicals into the sky to trigger sky-clearing precipitation.

In other words, the Chinese made it rain. Here’s the article.