Surprise! Even more games on their way…next year.


The VGA show on Spike has come and gone, dishing out trophies and face time with a number of stars. With a big gaming show, you can also expect it to stage a few surprises of its own and it didn’t disappoint by revealing several trailers promoting new titles slated to appear next year.

One interesting thing about each of these announcements is how they’re all sequels, or spin-offs to already existing series. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. After all, I’m definitely looking forward to another Batman game. And it’s not like there aren’t any new ideas out there, either, but it would have been nice to see a few of them featured during the VGAs as well (such as id’s Rage, Funcom’s upcoming MMO, The Secret World, or Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain)

So sit back, relax, and take a look at what else is coming out next year right after the jump.

Halo: Reach
It looks to be based on the novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach, in which the alien Covenant attack the world of Reach which also happens to be the home of the SPARTANS. In that case, this game is a prequel to the first Halo, but set in a very interesting point of the series’ history that can mean only one thing: lots flesh melting action set against a titanic backdrop of sci-fi goodness.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
Was this really a surprise after how well the first one did? It looks like the chaos has spilled out into Gotham City and the Joker is back to laugh his way through it just as he did in the first adventure. Definitely looking forward to this one…and am very curious just to see what Rocksteady has planned in making the Dark Knight’s next evening out even worse than the sleepover at Arkham

Crackdown 2
It’s the sequel no one had really expected to a game that was incredibly underrated, and it looks like it’s going to be as every bit as fun. Ready to punch some cars, leap across the city, and fly in the air like Robocop? Wait…fly?!

Medal of Honor
It’s ironic to think that the series that had propelled the WW2 FPS genre to incredible heights would be following in the footsteps of the series that had managed to snag the crown, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t just going to be some kind of knockoff of Modern Warfare. After all, simply by looking at the news, today’s world is filled with enough material to write stories about in any format. It’s too early to tell how well this might work out (the comparisons to Modern Warfare are going to be inevitable), but I have no doubt that whatever they do will be exciting, and gritty, stuff.

Spec-Ops: The Line
I guess it was inevitable that someone would eventually grab Dubai’s headline making troubles and then blow them up into a game. In this case, it provides the setting for the next Spec Ops game, but I didn’t expect them to stage it in the ruins of the city half buried by sand. Creative commentary or just an excuse to create an action packed exercise of awesome? I guess gamers will decide when it arrives.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
The Force Unleashed wasn’t a bad game. It had its flaws, sure, but in the end, there was something there that proved to be engaging and fun enough to demand a sequel outside of its unique twist of a story. Two different endings were available for players at the end depending on what they did, and I’m guessing this one went with the “good” ending. But if you’ve played through the first game and did the nice thing, you’ll have questions on just how there could be another adventure. Still, I’m excited to see this and can’t wait to find out the answers when it finally unleashes itself on retail. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last bit.

Tron Evolution
With the upcoming Tron movie, a game tie-in was almost expected. But this one looks like it’s bridging the gap between the game, Tron 2.0, and the upcoming film instead. If you’ve played the first game, the guy narrating the trailer in the sickly green and corrupted suit might remind of you of the viral threat in 2.0. Then again, it could be taking a completely different tack entirely since this is being done by a different developer. I’m game for anything Tron related and this looks like it might be the perfect tie-in ticket before the big show near the end of next year.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
This takes place between the first game, Sands of Time, and the sequel, Warrior Within, as a kind of gaiden to the series. That’s kind of a letdown considering the way things were left after the latest adventure, although on the other hand, I’m always up for more acrobatic and time-defying stunts using sand. And just in time for the film, too.

UFC Undisputed 2010
The follow-up to the successful UFC Undisputed ’09 looks like it’s going to bring even more of the pain next year in May.

True Crime 3
The third installment of the True Crime franchise looks like it’s going to be an action packed adventure set in Hong Kong as you take the role of an undercover cop attempting to infiltrate the Triads