EA has revived a classic from the nineties for the Wii with the announcement that NBA Jam is coming out for it. Yes, THAT NBA Jam, the same one which came out in the arcades and consoles in ’93. The arcade version was known for its four way co-op and pit two-on-two teams against each other with helicopter slam dunks, face planting fouls, and catching the players’ basketball on fire if they were…on fire.

It even featured real NBA players, their mugs digitized and animated onscreen, and now that’s coming to the Wii in some kind of form. The official website is up with polls asking who players want to see in the game, but I’ll have to admit to being a little disappointed in not seeing anything for Mutant League Football. Maybe next time? For now, if you need a refresher course on what it might look like, you can catch footage of the original arcade version below.