The Apple iPad


(photo: Kimberly White/Reuters)

Apple’s newest gizmo was officially revealed today to a select audience of technophiles setting Wednesday’s slice of the ‘net alive with buzz that ranged between giddy excitement to murmurs of meh.

Called the iPad, it has quite a few people buzzing about how it will do everything from saving print media to providing the missing link between laptops and iPhones. It will even wage war against e-book readers, like Amazon’s Kindle, with the iBook interface that will show you a virtual bookshelf filled with your downloaded library making it as easily accessible. Its starting price is set at $499 and will be out in two months.

A few iPhone developers are already eying the increased real-estate and power that its 9.7″ screen, 1Ghz processor, and starting 16GB of space that it will offer potential creations.

While some were impressed with its fashionable look and touted features combining the function of an iPhone and a laptop, others weren’t as wowed, regarding it as simply a bigger iPhone with its lack of multitasking and its ties to AT&T. Only time will tell whether or not it makes as big a splash, but one thing is still certain: when Apple speaks, everyone is still listening.