G1 Autobots, roll out!

A new trailer for the upcoming High Moon developed title, Transformers: War for Cybertron, has been making the rounds and one of the things that’s surprising about it is that everyone actually looks like a stylized Generation One character.

I’m actually happy that the designers are hitting the G1 designs again as a big fan of the original series. While I understand the positives that Michael Bay’s interpretations have done for the franchise in bringing it to a new generation, one of the things I wasn’t as much a fan of were the redesigns for the characters. Or in picking Hugo Weaving over Frank Welker for Megatron, but that’s just me.

Other fans haven’t been as forgiving, though. On the Transformers Wiki, there are even a few entries focusing on the terms that have come out in the wake of Beast Wars, the Armada series, and Bay’s films…terms like “trukk not munkey”, Pokeformers, and Bayformer, so it’s not unusual to see how much love (or hate) fans of either side have for the franchise. There are even those that take the extreme stance in standing forever vigilant against anything that might see it ruined FOREVER.

But the game looks like it’s going to try and bridge some of that with some fantastic action backed by old-school awesomeness. And Megatron doesn’t look like a walking splinter farm in this one, so I have hope.