Ubisoft goes online-only for PC players


Last week, Ubisoft made waves when they announced how they were going to use a new DRM (digital rights management) scheme for most of their upcoming PC games. PC players will now need to sign onto Ubisoft’s online service in order to be able to play the game they purchased over the counter in order to activate it…and need to stay online to keep it activated. As Arstechnica’s Ben Kuchera had put it, “This is like having to show your receipt every time you want to turn on your television.”.

According to Ubisoft’s FAQ on the service, the “added services” that this approach has over conventional DRM is that it will allow you to install the game on as many PCs as you want, save your games online, and not use a disc to play it. There are a few problems with this approach that are worse than the disc-based Securom or key-based authentication that some methods use. At least when Steam cuts out, you can still play the game. Not so with Ubisoft.
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Preview: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)


Last Thursday, EA DICE has released a multiplayer demo for the Xbox 360 and a beta for PC players for their new shooter, the sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company, and I got a chance to play around with it on the weekend. The PS3’s own public demo will be coming out later this week.

So do I like it? You bet. I kind of find myself wanting to play the demo over my full copy of MW2.
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