The C&C4 PC crowd on Amazon is…angry…


So far, Amazon is showing EA’s Command & Conquer 4 at a one-star rating by its users. Granted, not all of the “reviews” may be from those that had actually played the game, but the ones that appear to be point out some solid reasons why it has probably killed the series.

Looking through the posts, there aren’t many people that were happy with the direction that the game had taken, the threadbare story that doesn’t quite answer everything, low unit caps, or the draconian DRM that will haunt your PC.

It’s pretty ugly, especially coming in on the heels that EA has let most if not all of the team go. Even former CGW/GFW editor, Jeff Green, had tweeted a little of his own frustrations over the game, and he works for EA.

Ubisoft’s Silent Hunter V has also suffered the same fate along with the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II. There’s some kind of shared theme here, I think.