Wikipedia down, should be back


It looks like Wikipedia has gone down. I was doing a little research when Firefox suddenly told me that it can’t be reached. Uh, oh.

Hitting the site gets me to to the intro page, but the text looks…off…and doing a search from it or clicking on any of the language links takes me to the above. Doing a trace route shows that the hardware is pinging back, but getting into Wikipedia is still a no-go as of this initial writing.

Social media site, Mashable, also reports the same thing happening to many other users and have a link to tweets reporting the issue.

A more detailed post on Huffington has a quote from Wikipedia’s technical gurus on what actually happened:

“Due to an overheating problem in our European data center many of our servers turned off to protect themselves. As this impacted all Wikipedia and other projects access from European users, we were forced to move all user traffic to our Florida cluster, for which we have a standard quick failover procedure in place, that changes our DNS entries.

However, shortly after we did this failover switch, it turned out that this failover mechanism was now broken, causing the DNS resolution of Wikimedia sites to stop working globally. This problem was quickly resolved, but unfortunately it may take up to an hour before access is restored for everyone, due to caching effects.”

In plain English, it’ll be back in about an hour.