George Broussard takes questions at Formspring

George Broussard, the designer behind 3D Realms and Duke Nukem, has decided to take on all questions at Now anyone can ask him a question and hope that he answers it on the site. He’s already spoken his thoughts on a few of these, such as:

  • his preference for the Xbox 360 (but admits that he also likes the PS3)
  • that he doesn’t mind used games sales, but hates the way that Gamestop does it
  • that he doesn’t think that games are art. At least, not yet.
  • loves the Atari 2600

So take advantage of it quick! Now if only other developers were to do the same thing…

Edit (3.6.2010): Actually, yes they are. Pi Studio’s Kenn Hoekstra, courtesy of Blue’s News, has posted up a few more links to other devs that are doing just that: