Pair of characters revealed for Tranformers: WFC

Activision sent out pics and bios of an Autobot and a Decepticon for Transformers: War for Cybertron, due out June 22.

The Autobot is Air Raid, who turns into a jet and uses as EMP shotgun:

39538-AIR RAID_robot-thumb-480x577-39537.jpg

The Actvision bio refers to him as such:

Fearless and rash, Air Raid is always ready for a fight. He prefers diving head first into a pack of Decepticons rather than shooting them from afar because it’s more fun. That is his only real goal in life; to have fun. This attitude always seems to place him and his fellows in danger, but he always manages to get himself and his friends out of it.

I remember the same was said for Brawn, who transformed into a small all-terrain vehicle. This was before he decided to run at Megatron and the Decepticons in “Transformers: The Movie” and ended up getting a hole blown in him for his trouble.

Speaking of Decepticons, the one named Breakdown is after the jump.


His bio: Breakdown is a very capable Decepticon warrior, but has one main underlying problem. He is extremely paranoid that everyone and everything is out to get him. Being in crowded places is nerve wracking for Breakdown, as he feels like everyone is staring at him, judging him. He just wants to blend in and do the duty that the Decepticons require of him in anonymity.

He also turns into a car, and also makes use of an EMP shotgun.