Red Faction: The Movie


No, really. According to Broadcasting & Cable, THQ’s game franchise, Red Faction, is getting its own two-hour movie…on Syfy.

Now before you start groaning at hearing that Syfy is involved in this one and can’t wash the memories of such notable films as SS Doomtrooper or The Black Hole (not to be confused with the fine 1979 Disney movie of the same name), the network is also known for its very gritty reboot of the Battlestar Galactica series as well as the long-running SG-1 series (now evolved into Stargate Universe) based on the Stargate film.

I’m guessing that it’s going to take its cue from the most recent game, Red Faction Guerilla. The franchise is chock full of potential story ideas depending on how they play the whole “rebellion on Mars against Earth” thing with the potential for colonial lines being drawn in the red sand, factions vying for supremacy, a bit of Mad Max in the wilderness, and making it as gritty as Battlestar.

But if they ever do it that way, only one request: retire the shaky cam “reality” thing. It’s done. It was done when the Blair Witch did it. Thank you.