Apple’s iPhone 4: Fix it with duct tape


Customers that have had issues with Apple’s latest iPhone have had to endure a number of fixes and commentary on what to do when their signal drops including to simply “avoid holding it that way.” Or not holding it with your left hand which is kind of hard to do if you happen to be left-handed.

As I commented earlier, the problems may also be related to a number of standards that require the antennae to be where it is. Apple may have had no choice, but it doesn’t excuse anyone from trying to find a better solution. One that preferably does not require a $30 bumper. Or duct tape.

Wait, duct tape? You can chalk that up to Consumer Reports’ final word on the iPhone.

After giving it glowing marks on several of its tests, the non-profit organization ultimately decided not to recommend the new device based on their last test which pointed out its antennae issues. Because, you know, signal is kind of important when you want to place a call with a mobile phone.

This is something that iPhone 4 early adopters have known all along but which Apple has tried to downplay by keeping silent aside from offering the colorful advice above. It hasn’t stopped the device from flying off shelves, but now that Consumer Reports has added its considerable voice to the issue, it’s that much harder to ignore.