Shaken, but not stirred.

So we might not be getting a new Bond movie in the near future – or even the next year or so – thanks to MGM’s financial fumble to the tune of $4 billion in debt, but that hasn’t stopped Daniel Craig and Judi Dench from loaning their likenesses and voices along with Joss Stone’s to Bizarre Creations’ upcoming take, Blood Stone, due later this year. Bond scribe, Bruce Feirstein, is also on hand to script the story.

Bizarre Creations is more known for the racing game, Blur, along with Geometry Wars and the shoot ’em up gameshow hybrid, The Club. That also puts them in a position to deliver action and driving, two things that seem to define Bond’s extracurricular activities onscreen, so we might see something along the lines of what EA Redwood Shores had delivered in ’04 with Everything or Nothing.

EoN had a story so good that some would go so far as to say that it could fill in for a new Bond film during the hiatus between Brosnan’s last silver screen outing in ’99 and Craig’s debut in ’04, though Brosnan and Dench would star in the game if not the theaters.

I loved it and totally believed that it could have done the job. It also helped that the game was extremely good, so here’s hoping that Blood Stone will deliver the same punch. In the meantime, here’s the first trailer along with footage from the demo filmed via shakey cam.