Your world. MEGAFIED.

The retro risks that Capcom had taken with Mega Man as downloadable games on both Live and the Playstation Store seem to have paid off as the Blue Bomber is coming back for another adventure. But hints from the trailer below, created through a collaboration between iam8bit and Buddy System Studios, seem to indicate that he won’t be alone. Either that, or he’ll be inheriting some new powers with Capcom’s history serving as the source for each one.

The implications are pretty huge, but I’ll just let you enjoy the trailer instead and make your own guesses as to what Mega Man Universe is going to bring to your world when it arrives. And in keeping with the retro fever that Mega Man is sweating under, the trailer uses stop motion animation with a few effects thrown in, to give this presentation the feel of an old-school commercial. Can’t wait to hear more on what Capcom has planned for this one!