The Silver Lining releases its first episode


At long last, the first episode of the fan-made dedication to King’s Quest by Phoenix Online Studios is done and out in the wild. A word of warning at the time of this writing: you have to register with their fan club first, though, before you get the download screen which can be annoying to deal with. Either that, or wait until the 364MB download gets its own torrent. With that said, it’s worth it for fans of the series to check it out.

When the new holders of the King’s Quest IP, Activision, sent a cease and desist to the developers of “The Silver Lining”, fans were understandably crushed and upset especially after it had come so close to completion.

But it looks like the outpouring of support for the project as well as Phoenix’s dedication have convinced Activision otherwise and, in an uncommon reversal, allowed the free-to-download project to continue.

Though it won’t be called “King’s Quest” because of the usual legalese, fans that have been following the game know who the characters are and what the story is expected to tell. And now that it’s out, how does it fare?
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Review: Naughty Bear


Naughty Bear is better seen and heard about than played. To play it invites mental punishment.

At a glance, the concept is intriguing. Take something usually associated with fluff and cuteness and turn it into a vehicle of dark vengeance. It would not only offer something relatively unseen, but it would also administer a possibly entertaining poke at our psyches. Done right, it could be clever.

Clever is not what happens here. Instead, we get the equivalent of spaghetti thrown against the wall, except it’s to the sounds of party favors being stepped on, other bears tottering around in anguish and a narrator who bellows at you like a demented babysitter.

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Review: Singularity


Raven Software’s mix of Soviet super science and time travel have cooked up a Cold War surprise that effectively blends both into a fun romp with a healthy dose of sundered limbs. If you’ve seen their work with Wolfenstein, this will feel like a return engagement. You’ll probably also remember that the single player was the best part about the Nazi buster.
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