London 2032 + robots = one awesome concept

Remember the Ghostbusters teaser from Zootfly? Though Zootfly didn’t get to actually develop their own Ghostbusters game because they couldn’t get the rights, the video showing off their concept work in 2006 created a huge, happy buzz on the ‘net as if pink slime had bubbled up from everyone’s screen in seeing it.

It also helped to convince Sony that there was an audience out there hungry for Ghostbusting. When Terminal Reality, who was already working on their own project pitch, were waiting to hear the good news, Sony was ready to believe them. Atari published the game in 2009 with a multiplatform release.

So what do London and robots have to do with the Ghostbusters? According to Destructoid, a pitch video created by former Ubisoft artist, Fanny Vergne, and a few others at Ubisoft Montpelier had been leaked into the wild and it’s not half bad. It might not be based on a well known IP involving spirits, but it’s still an amazing, if short, piece of digital fantasy. Since they broke the news, however, Fanny Vergne requested that the art and clip be removed from their site, but not before they had already hit other sites that decided to follow the story.

Now here’s where it gets weird. Depending on where you read the news from, the video has also had something of a strange trail to follow with some sites stating that Ubisoft canceled the game when it wasn’t a game cancellation at all. The video link below on Youtube even says that it’s a canceled Ubisoft game (along with others that have uploaded the clip under their own accounts), but it’s not according to Destructoid. Kind of hard to cancel a game when it hasn’t even gotten past the pitch meeting.

But the footage is already out there in the wild along with a few pieces of neat concept art, under whatever header the articles they are featured in want to call them. It certainly looks creative, flashy, and is one of those things that we had gotten a taste of but will probably never get to see as a game.

Unlike Ghostbusters. But who knows?