Review: Fable III (Xbox 360)


Steve Jobs isn’t the only person equipped with a reality distortion field.

Peter Molyneux’s evangelism of the first Fable touted it as a revolutionary step forward for RPGs. It was a bold claim, but when it came from the man with as many accolades as Molyneux, you had to wonder whether or not he could actually pull it off.

Once Fable became reality, however, it came up short of what was promised – yet the undeniable charm and fairy tale whimsy glossing over what it didn’t bring to the dungeon had found an audience that loved it for what it was. For adventurers that didn’t like poring over statistics or lists of equipment, Fable’s simplified approach to role-playing was a welcome mat to what might have been an intimidating genre to many.
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A New Experience on your Xbox


Have you logged into Xbox Live today? If you did, you would have gotten the update to the dashboard which changes how it looks and likely gets it ready for Kinect’s big retail debut this week. But there are a few more things that it adds on that go beyond looks alone.

It also adds ESPN, improved Zune offerings, and streamlines a few things such as connecting to a wireless network or take new snapshots with your avatar. I’ve been tooling around with it for awhile and its not bad, though I also looked at what Gamasutra had pointed out with Indie Games. It’s a little puzzling why Microsoft decided to define Indie Games as a Specialty Shop – because that’s where it’s at now – instead of under the more intuitive header of Games & Demos.

The download only takes a few minutes – at least outside of peak hours – and after it’s done, you’re ready to go.