Angry Birds Seasons: An Advent calendar of pig-pummeling


The monstrously popular time-sucker known as Angry Birds has been given the holiday treatment as Angry Birds Seasons.

The twist here is that, instead of being able to advance through all the levels as you complete them, you’re treated to a new level each day.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Angry Birds, developed by Finland-based Rovio, is a mobile game where the goal is to destroy green pigs by using a slingshot to fling birds (of varying destructive capabilities) at the pigs’ homes.

Yes, I’m aware of how insane that sounds.

The best-selling app has grown into a pop culture phenomenon, spawning plush toys and even being spoofed on Israeli TV (Parents note: Video contains four-letter words).


In addition to the 25 “Seasons Greedings” Christmas-themed levels, Angry Birds Seasons also includes 45 previously-released Halloween-themed levels and two bonus levels.

Rovio has added small visual touches (falling snow, for instance) and seems to have ramped up the difficulty level. It took me several tries to get past even the initial Christmas level.

Angry Birds Seasons is available for iOS, Android and webOS. Just don’t blame me when the kids don’t get fed and the laundry goes undone.

Blame the green pigs.