“First Strike” maps released for CoD: Black Ops

XBox Live players can buy five new multiplayer maps for “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (Activision, Treyarch) as of today’s release of the new “First Strike” DLC.

CoD fans who actually played Black Ops’ well-made, entertaining and insanely unrealistic* single-player campaign will remember most the game’s action taking place in Cold War scenarios such as the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and Laos. 

49676-Berlin Wall-thumb-300x168-49675.jpg

The new map pack continues the Free World vs. Commies theme with a map featuring fighting on both sides of the Berlin Wall. The remaining four maps are “Stadium,” the Antarctic setting of “Discovery,” the high-rise cityscape of “Kowloon” and “Ascension,” which is a new setting for players to shoot at zombie communists and monkeys.

“First Strike” retails for 1200 Microsoft Points on XBox Live.

*Had anything like half the missions in this game actually happened, World War III would have happened. (And let’s not talk about that plot twist.)