Twilight screenwriter to take on Highlander reboot


From the Hollywood Reporter comes this tidbit about writer, Melissa Rosenberg, taking over the screenwriting duties for the Highlander film reboot. You might know her best for her screenwriting work in bringing the Twilight series to the big screen. Yes, THAT Twilight with the twinkly vampires. It didn’t take long on several forums for fans of the Highlander series to roll their eyes and start worrying that she would somehow write the character as an eighteen year old, conflicted immortal with girl problems.

But hold on. Rosenberg’s obviously got talent to be able to bring enough of the Twilight films to the silver screen to appease its fanbase. She also has quite a bit of history with TV episodes from Dexter to a remake of the Magnificent Seven for the “small” screen. Still, in looking at her history, she’s done a lot of drama-driven material that doesn’t quite exactly mesh with the history-fantasy action adventure that Highlander is.

Well, time will tell whether this is a good move or not, but she wasn’t the first to take a stab at rebooting Highlander as a review or two on a purported leaked version of a previous script have proven. Still, there’s one nice thing that I can take away from all of this: we might be able to finally forget Highlander 2: The Quickening.