Review: “Killzone 3″

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After living out several cinematic action fantasies in the past year with “Red Dead Redemption,” “Call of Duty Black Ops,” and “Halo Reach,” newcomer “Killzone 3″ ranks among the

very best of shooter games.

Imagine you’re in a viscerally brutal James Cameron battle sequence, unleashing bone-jarring devastation with some pretty memorable weaponry.
It’s a deeply immersive thrill ride you’ll have a hard time getting off.

Whether you’re infiltrating an enemy fortress to rescue a hapless
comrade, raining fire on a giant robotic fortress from a hovercraft, or
sniping a unit of determined enemy infantry, the game design never
leaves one with the boring taste of repetition. 
science fiction setting here is a war between two factions of humans in
the distant future. The International Space Alliance (the good guys),
are stranded on Helghan, the planet of a ruthless Nazi-like force called
the Helghast.
The meticulously designed sets
here, like the set pieces from the excellent “Uncharted series,” are
absolutely epic in scope and beautiful to behold. The level of lighting
and rendering detail here is tremendous and create a definite palpable
Particular standout levels include
an oil rig surrounded by violent sea and arctic landscape, a hulking
mobile weapons factory, a florescent jungle, and a gravity-challenged
space station.
Weaponry in “Killzone 3″ is
great fun, from the excellent M82 assault rifle, and a three-barreled
shotgun pistol, to a terrifying weapon that uses a green plasma beam to
implode any unlucky target into a fine mist of red. 
nice are the game’s new vehicles, like an intricately mechanized jet
pack and a heavy duty mech-suit hat provide much more fun value than
your typical shooter.
Multiplayer here is quite good. The gameplay is smooth, and getting in and out of a session is a speedy process.  
the solid play mechanics, the plot is a little unwieldy and incoherent.
The single player campaign is also a fairly quick endeavor compared
with similar games. 
Still, if you’re a fan of these games, “Killzone 3″ fails to disappoint. 
Killzone 3
Guerrilla Games, Sony Computer Entertainment
Rated M for Mature