Duke Nukem Forever delayed, try not to be shocked

In what 2K Games calls “the shortest delay in the history of ‘Duke Nukem Forever,’ the title’s release date has been postponed from May 3 to June 14 in North America.

“In case you haven’t heard, Duke never comes early,” said 2K Games president Christoph
Hartmann, said in a press release Thursday. “We’re committed to deliver a laugh-out-loud,
politically incorrect experience that people will talk about for years
to come. We thank Duke’s fans for their continued patience – I promise
this won’t take another 15 years.”

Duke Nukem fans who have been patient enough to wait 15 years for the title have matured aged bit since 1997. The game appears to have more than enough violence, profanity and nudity to warrant an M for Mature rating, although the word “mature” may not be the best word to describe anything related to Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to be released in 1997, but that didn’t happen. Games that actually came out in 1997 included “Starfox 64″ and”GoldenEye 007″ for Nintendo 64, “Star Wars: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter,” “Fallout,” “Grand Theft Auto” and “Age of Empires” for PC and “Gran Turismo,” and “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” for PlayStation.