Big cache of Battlefield 3 screenshots and concept art

Electronic Arts and Dice have provided use with a pretty sizable collection and screenshots of Battlefield 3, which is set for a Fall 2011 release for PC, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

Check them out after the jump:



Composite showing a number of frames of animation of a soldier sliding into cover in a couple of ways. The ANT tech lets us blend any number of animations seamlessly.” (These and following captions from EA’s asset guide)



“Frostbite 2 lets us use features such as dynamic radiosity, dynamic shadows, and deferred lighting on a big scale. Included are some examples of an environment where you can see just the lighting information (1), the actual light probes that control how light affects dynamic objects (2 – one of these probes contain more lighting information than an entire level from BFBC2), and the finished environment they way a player would see it.”


“As you know, destruction will be a major part of Battlefield 3, both on a micro and and large scale. … One of the new destruction features we bring to Battlefield 3 are crumbling facades, as you can see in this 4-pic sequence from one of our levels (this destruction will be a feature both in SP and MP).”



“Our concept artist Mattias Hgglund painted storyboards for our missions to set the emotional target for Battlefield 3. These sketches show three soldiers arriving at a scene, one of them being shot and dragged to safety by his buddy. The soldier in pic two is not happy about being shot.”

51561-Kick the door 2-thumb-480x270-51560.jpg

“Showcasing our Frostbite 2 lighting, and the physicality of kicking doors in.”

What follows here is a series of screenshots from a Battlefield 3 demo.