Death on the Sunset Strip: An Early Look at Resistance 3


WEST HOLLYWOOD – “Resistance 3″ lets players imagine humanity’s last stand as a lonely boat ride along a river swarming with murderous aliens.

Game developers Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment showed a preview of Resistance 3 to reporters who gathered Tuesday at Andaz West Hollywood. The new material included a level that puts new series protagonist Joseph Capellion a boat with scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov navigating a murky river in an alternate 1957 in which the alien Chimera have taken over the United States.

The boat’s route takes the player past the hulking corpse of a Chimera kraken. A host of leapers feast upon the monster’s body. Malikov advises the player not to shoot. This isn’t a war, the characters just want to survive.

“We’re telling a different story than we did in Resistance 1 and 2,” lead developer Drew Murray said. “It’s about having lost, and (Capellion) having to slip through America to carry out his plan.”

In the original “Resistance: Fall of Man” (2006) players control U.S.
soldier Nathan Hale in a world where World War 2 never happened because
the Chimera took control of Russia and continued their fight against
humanity in England. The game featured a host of fictional weapons that
blended 1940s arms with a science fiction sensibility, and playing the
missions sometimes felt a lot like playing a shooter set in World War
II, although the science fiction aspects prevented the game from feeling
too much like a part of the Medal of Honor series or first two Call of
Duty games.

The boat level’s aesthetics, however, negate the world war feeling. This
is guerrilla war, or just plain desperation. As Capellion, players get
to unload Resistance franchise weapons like the Auger or Bullseye
against dozens of Chimera, but there is no army to back the player up.

“Toward the beginning of production, a lot of us were reading ‘The Road’
by Cormac McCarthy,” Murray said. “It’s a bleak story there’s maybe two
action sequences.”

McCarthy’s novel tells the story of a father leading his young son
through a post-apocalyptic America that is swarming with cannibals. In
terms of other influences, Murray pointed to District 9, specifically,
the exotic alien weapons featured in that 2009 film.

Giving the Call of Duty series credit for claiming the military-themed
market and similarly praising “Team Fortress 2″ for nailing class-based
gameplay, Murray said Resistance 3’s weapons are one of the biggest
tools the developers have to keep the game fresh for players who may
have already played two Resistance titles and have a plethora of
shooters to choose from on store shelves.

For example, Murray said Resistance 3 will include an upgrade system for
players’ arsenal. Upgrading the bullseye submachine gun will allow
players to lock-on to multiple enemies and hit three enemies with a
single burst of fire.

In addition to the boat level, Insomniac also let reporters try out the
multiplayer. The featured map was nowhere near as large as a Battlefield
series map, but also nothing as cozy as “Call of Duty: Black Ops”
infamous Nuketown map.

I have to confess that I’m more interested in single-player campaigns
than multiplayer, since I like being able to see how a given game’s
developers try to craft stories and level designs.

Murray said he anticipates Resistance 3’s single-player campaign will
take longer for the average player to get through than contemporary
titles, and also expects the two-player co-op mode to be a big draw.

“A lot of people like playing on the couch next to a buddy, seeing the (game’s) world,” Murray said.

Resistance 3’s release date for PlayStation 3 is TBA.