Film critic wants to show video games’ influence at LACMA film series

Former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell says in an interview with film site Indie Wire that he would like to see videogame developers present their work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Mitchell is new curator for the Film Independent/Los Angeles County Museum of Art

That said, Mitchell’s interests lie in expanding, if not redefining,
what it might mean to see a movie at an art museum. “I’d love to get in
the people who make videogames (like) ‘LA Noire,’ ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ he
said. “You can’t go to movies and not see the influence of those games.
I want to expand and not ignore the late 20th-century additions to
filmed entertainment.”

That also could include television. “For kids under 25, there is no
line of demarcation anymore,” he said. “There’s not that kind of

Personally, I think movies have had a greater influence on those games than the other way around. “L.A. Confidential,” one of my favorite movies, obviously influenced L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto IV players will remember an obvious homage to the famous bank robbery scene from “Heat.”

That out of the way, Mitchell’s idea sounds like a decent attempt to get draw Southern California movie fans and video game players (often the same people, obviously) to the museum. I like forward to hearing more about LACMA’s plans to exhibit games alongside cinema.

(Indie Wire, via L.A. Observed.)