GamesCom Trailer: Mass Effect 3

Here’s BioWare’s new trailer for Mass Effect 3, a game which is sure to disappoint series fans because the game’s protagonis, space marine Commander Shepard, shoots his enemies instead of defeating them with mathematical calculations.

I kid, but if you want to debate whether the Mass Effect franchise is a true RPG series because developers are switching to player-controlled instead of stat-based combat, look elsewhere.

I’d rather debate whether a game is entertaining or not than insist that developers adhere to rigid genre conventions. FWIW, I like most of the changes made between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 except for the “heat clips,” since it seemed weird that Shepard and crew no longer had virtually unlimited ammo.

Also, I’d like to see a non-annoying human female among the crew, but I guess BioWare developers just like forcing players choose between “romance” with an ill-tempered human and a sane alien.