Extensive coverage on Steve Jobs’ retirement

Check out the San Jose Mercury News for extensive coverage on Steve Jobs’ retirement and what it means for Apple, the company he led.

The Mercury News is a sister paper to my employers, The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and The Sun, and they do a great job covering Silicon Valley and tech.

Apple’s stock is down a bit in Thursday morning’s trading, but I don’t expect the company to suffer with Jobs no longer as the company’s CEO. Apple created a market for tablet computers and if Hewlett-Packard’s decision to abandon the PC market is any indication, there’s a strong chance that tablets will replace PCs and laptops for many households wthin the next few years. Jobs also still has a role as chairman of the board and his hand-picked successor, Tim Cook, is Apple’s new chief.

From the Mercury News:

Analysts say Jobs, who
stepped away in January from day-to-day management to take his third
medical leave in a decade, assembled a strong management team to execute the Cupertino company’s strategy.

magic won’t go away overnight,” said Richard Doherty with the
Envisioneering Group. The company’s products “not only have his
fingerprints on them, they have his DNA.