Ace Combat: Assault Horizon aircraft revealed

Tech-Out has a list of the more than 30 aircraft players will be able to fly in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

The game is scheduled for an Oct. 11 release for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The list, with links to information on each fighter, bomber, helicopter and the game’s lone gunship, are after the jump:

F-22 Raptor








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Extensive coverage on Steve Jobs’ retirement

Check out the San Jose Mercury News for extensive coverage on Steve Jobs’ retirement and what it means for Apple, the company he led.

The Mercury News is a sister paper to my employers, The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and The Sun, and they do a great job covering Silicon Valley and tech.

Apple’s stock is down a bit in Thursday morning’s trading, but I don’t expect the company to suffer with Jobs no longer as the company’s CEO. Apple created a market for tablet computers and if Hewlett-Packard’s decision to abandon the PC market is any indication, there’s a strong chance that tablets will replace PCs and laptops for many households wthin the next few years. Jobs also still has a role as chairman of the board and his hand-picked successor, Tim Cook, is Apple’s new chief.

From the Mercury News:

Analysts say Jobs, who
stepped away in January from day-to-day management to take his third
medical leave in a decade, assembled a strong management team to execute the Cupertino company’s strategy.

magic won’t go away overnight,” said Richard Doherty with the
Envisioneering Group. The company’s products “not only have his
fingerprints on them, they have his DNA.

Black Friday for HP Touchpads


If you haven’t heard by now, HP has made plans to exit webOS devices like its touchpads as it tries to emulate IBM’s IT service model. They made the announcement this past Thursday after making news that they may spin off their PC division.

The HP Touchpads were seen as the company’s latest shot into the lucrative tablet wars brewing between heavyweights such as Samsung, Acer, and of course, Apple. The Touchpads went on sale roughly six weeks earlier – only to be unceremoniously discontinued.

The 16GB version had cost about $500, the 32GB version about $600. With the announcement, several vendors dropped the prices almost as early late Friday night to $99 and $150, respectively.

Stores across the internet were flooded with purchase orders thanks to posts on deal sites leading many to quickly run out of stock. Best Buy in Canada had the 16GB version listed online for $99 before it was wiped out. Other vendors, such as those on Amazon, haven’t quite participated in the frenzy yet listing the pads at close to their retail prices at the time of this article.

In the United States, there have also been reports that Best Buy and Office Max are among several chains that would be shipping all of their pads back. The store clerks at my local Best Buy had no idea what was going on. I showed up along with several other people to try and snag one until we were told that, after ratcheting things up to management to confirm the truth of what we were saying, they would be shipped back instead.

However, others have had better luck elsewhere at places such as Wal Mart. Online, sites such as HP’s own store to lesser known ones with an online presence were hit hard, often making it seem as if the store were actually broken. Ebay is already rife with hoarders flipping the ones that they had managed to snag at the new low prices.

It isn’t so much that this is an HP Touchpad that is driving people to it as it is the low price for a decent piece of hardware – hardware that can be made to do anything with the right software. A team is already tweeting that they’re working on porting Google’s Android OS over to the touchpad.

You might have a better chance at snagging a pad next week as HP starts receiving all of the stock that is being shipped back to them – they’re selling the devices at the discounted costs – though who knows? Someone might have forgotten to check that Wal Mart just down the street from you.

NBA 2K12 roster to include Magic, Kareem, Bird, Dr. J, Jordan …

Remember how so many basketball fans liked NBA 2K11’s the “Jordan Challenge?”

The game’s developers did. 2K Sports announced today that Jordan and 14 other NBA greats will appear in a new “End the Debate” mode, giving players a chance to electronically settle arguments over which teams and players deserve recognition as the Association’s best of all time.

The full list:

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar;
  • Larry Bird;
  • Wilt Chamberlain;
  • Julius Erving;
  • Patrick Ewing;
  • Magic Johnson;
  • Michael Jordan;
  • Karl Malone;
  • Hakeem Olajuwon;
  • Scottie Pippen;
  • Oscar Robertson;
  • Bill Russell;
  • John Stockton;
  • Isiah Thomas;
  • Jerry West.

FWIW, I would love to see 2K Sports carry on this idea to MLB 2K and see if they can gain some ground against “The Show.” Who wouldn’t want to relive such great baseball stories as the Brooklyn Dodgers’ first championship in 1955, the 1968 World Series matchup between the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals or the Boston Red Sox’s comeback in the 2004 ALCS?

Skyward Sword release date: Nov. 20

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released Nov. 20 for the Wii console, Nintendo announced today.

Nintendo announced a “Holiday” release at the E3 convention, which took place in June in Los Angeles. Skyward Sword will be the first  traditional Zelda title designed specifically for the Wii console’s motion controls. Its predecessor, Twilight Princess, was originally designed for the GameCube before being rebuilt for the Wii.

I would like to say that Nintendo also announced a release date for Kid Icarus: Uprising, its highly anticipated 3DS title, but that would be a lie.

54679-Skyward Sword Bird-thumb-480x269-54678.jpg

QuakeCon Panel: 20 Years of id Software

Readers who are fans of id Software’s titles (Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake) and have a lot of time may want to check out this link to “20 Years of id Software” panel from the QuakeCon 2011 panel.

QuakeCon 2011 took place Aug. 4-7 in Dallas. id Software’s next game, to be published by Bethesda Softworks, is Rage. Rage is set for an Oct. 4 release.

GamesCom Trailer: Mass Effect 3

Here’s BioWare’s new trailer for Mass Effect 3, a game which is sure to disappoint series fans because the game’s protagonis, space marine Commander Shepard, shoots his enemies instead of defeating them with mathematical calculations.

I kid, but if you want to debate whether the Mass Effect franchise is a true RPG series because developers are switching to player-controlled instead of stat-based combat, look elsewhere.

I’d rather debate whether a game is entertaining or not than insist that developers adhere to rigid genre conventions. FWIW, I like most of the changes made between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 except for the “heat clips,” since it seemed weird that Shepard and crew no longer had virtually unlimited ammo.

Also, I’d like to see a non-annoying human female among the crew, but I guess BioWare developers just like forcing players choose between “romance” with an ill-tempered human and a sane alien.

GamesCom Trailer: Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Here’s the trailer for Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

I thought the last game in the series, “Fires of Liberation,” provided a decent blend of simulator-style play (as in the HUD) and arcade-style gaming (jets can carry dozens of missiles). I also enjoyed the visuals, but thought it was weird that players had to “buy” aircraft.

Assault Horizon will trade in its predecessor’s fictional settings for air combat above real world places, and Washington, D.C. is clearly visible in the new trailer.