Chainsaw bayonets, the Mojave Desert and basketball

“Gears of War 3″ is today’s biggest new release, and other notables include “Lonesome Road,” the final storyline-based DLC for Fallout: New Vegas and 2K Sports’ demo for NBA 2K12.

By all appearances, Epic Games’ conclusion to its Gears of War saga follows its predecessors tradition of chainsaw-bayonets, cover-based tactics and hulking characters. Some people say Gears of War can be too much on the “dudebro” side of things, and although they have a small point, Epic Games deserves a lot of credit for pioneering the cover -based mechanics that are pretty much standard in any game featuring a third-person perspective.

In my opinion, no one has done it quite as well since. I also got a kick out of the developer’s introduction in the original’s manual, which explained how a game of paintball led to a new approach to gameplay.

Gears of War 3 is an XBox 360 exclusive.



“Lonesome Road,” from Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks, is
the fourth and final story-based DLC release for Fallout: New Vegas. In
this game, players meet “Ulysses,” who was originally chosen to deliver
the Platinum Chip at the game’s set. Playing as the Courier, players
took that job, got shot in the head, survived and had an adventure.

The DLC pack lets players find out why Ulysses backed out, “but only if you make one last journey into the hurricane-swept canyons of the Divide, a landscape torn apart by earthquakes and violent storms.” Bethesda says the choice is up to you, but if you buy the DLC, you may as well actually play the game.

Lonesome Road is released for PC via Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

For sports fans, 2K Sports has released the demo for NBA 2K12 for PlayStation Network and XBox Live. Players can  relive the 2011 NBA Finals match-up between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Players may also be aware that the full game is set to feature an insane lineup of NBA greats, which could be a huge plus if there actually is an NBA lockout.