Apple’s best commercial was actually a 1998 iMac ad

As popular as Apple’s “1984” commercial is, I don’t think it’s their best one. I prefer this commercial for the iMac, in which a revitalized Apple promotes how easy its iMac is to use compared to the competition.

Keep in mind that Apple practically disappeared from the public consciousness in the early 1990s, after Steve Jobs was ousted from the company. Computing in the mid-1990s, for most households, meant buying a big desktop with a separate monitor and possibly, an external modem. Anyone with a new PC had to connect several components to each other, and then connect power cords and a phone line their wall. Everything would usually work, but not until people ended up with a tangled mess of cords behind their wall.

The brilliance of this ad is that, unlike Apple’s modern current commercials, the company doesn’t tell the viewer that buying Apple will make them cool. It simply tells the viewer that their product is easy to use, and I like the straightforward approach.