Grand Theft Auto V trailer released today

Here it is, Rockstar Games’ first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V:


1. Rockstar doesn’t seem to able to fail when it comes to recreating cities. Los Santos looks like it will be so close to the real Los Angeles that I will be able to recognize actual neighborhoods and landmarks.

2. The shots of laborers and windmills in places that resemble the real-life Central Valley and Coachella Valley make me wonder if the “state” of San Andreas will be back in some way. If memory serves, Rockstar only introduced San Fierro/San Francisco when first promoting GTA: San Andreas, and then revealed Los Santos and Las Venturas/Las Vegas much later.

3. The recession and foreclosures appear to be a theme in the game. This should be interesting given that GTA, for all its violence, could be interpreted as a moralistic satire of American greed and excess. (Then again, parts of the games just seem to be about ridiculous levels of mayhem.)

4. Recent Rockstar John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) was introduced in the game as a reformed criminal, who despite the events of his storyline, didn’t want to kill anybody. I wonder if GTA V’s lead character will similarly be more sympathetic than past leads.

4.5. I’ve read rumors that GTA V will feature multiple protagonists, which again makes me wonder if more than one city will be featured in the game.