If you wanted a pink 3DS, Nintendo can sell you one

Nintendo revealed a new pink version of its 3DS handheld today. The pastel-colored hardware comes bundled with one of two different versions of “nintendogs + cats,” and the packaging is predictably adorable.

56922-Pink 3DS-thumb-480x421-56921.jpg

Nintendo’s MSRP for the bundle is $169.99, which is the same as the current price for a 3DS all on its own.

The company is also selling a Zelda-style 3DS bundled with the “Ocarina
of Time” remake and a flame red 3DS bundled with “Super Mario 3D Land.”
The MSRPs for those two products is $199.99.


56926-SM3DL1-thumb-480x421-56925.jpgNintendo is also offering Nintendo DSi XL systems bundled with “Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!,” for $169.99. Anyone in the market for a Nintendo handheld, however, should be aware that the 3DS is backward compatible with all 3DS titles, but the DS series hardware will not play 3DS games.