Review: Starfox 64: 3D

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Star Fox 64 3D is a decent remake that like Nintendo’s remake of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, offers cleaner graphics and few tweaked controls to a popular Nintendo 64 title.

In the case of Star Fox 64, the new Nintendo 3DS version features gyroscopic controls that let players control their star fighter by moving their 3DS handheld itself instead of using traditional controls. Otherwise, the game is basically the same as the original version, and ace pilot Star Fox is still teamed up with a rabbit, falcon and toad who fly at his side in an interplanetary war.

And yes, Slippy Toad will still advise Fox to “do a barrel roll.” The Internet is eternally grateful for that line.

The original Star Fox, a 1993 release for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was
an answer to an important question that many gamers did not know they
should be asking: What would happen if Nintendo combined “Star Wars”
style spacecraft with talking animal pilots and polygon graphics that
few games had yet to feature?

The answer, was a pretty cool game.
Players who are too young to remember the 16-bit era may not be
impressed by what the original Star Fox could do, but the game’s visuals
and sense of the three-dimensional flying were remarkable achievements
for their time. Observe:

Star Fox and friends returned to the Nintendo 64 in 1997. The N64
boasted much better visuals and gameplay that veered from easy to very
challenging. The trick of Star Fox 64 was not so much finishing the
game, but finding the many hidden branching pathways that allowed access
to a variety of alternate levels. Players who explored the whole galaxy could fight in space, on the surface in tanks and even underwater.

Star Fox 64: 3D is basically a refined version of the Nintendo 64 experience. Aside from better visuals and new controls, the game allows for multiplayer competition via the 3DS’ Download Play feature for players with up to four handhelds with only one game.

Star Fox 64: 3D is enjoyable, but players who also own a Nintendo Wii with Intenet access can get the original at a lower price than the $39.99 MSRP for the 3DS version of the game. As was the case for the Ocarina of Time remake, players may want to weigh how much they value better graphics and portability of the 3DS version before deciding how to spend their money.

Star Fox 64:3D
Nintendo 3DS
Rated E for Everyone