Batman: Gotham City Imposters delayed to February

Gotham City Imposters, a downloadable FPS in which players play as characters pretending to be characters from the Batman universe, has been delayed from a January release to a February release.

The game is set to be available for PC download, PlayStation Network and XBox Live.

Warner Bros. Games announced the postponement today. The game looks nothing like the publishers popular “Arkham” series of Batman games. Instead, it looks a bit like the vigilantes who Christian Bale’s Batman mocked in “The Dark Knight” for fighting crime while wearing hockey pads got a bunch of guns and started shooting at people dressed like the Joker, who also have a bunch of guns.

In other words, the game’s aesthetic looks more like a Team Fortress-style wackiness instead of Call of Duty-style this-is-so-hardcore-ness.

As far as whether the game turns out to be any good, I guess we’ll find out in February.