Semi-actual competition in sports gaming: Dueling trailers for MLB 12: The Show and MLB 2K12

There was a time, known as the 1990s and early 2000s, when actual competition existed between the producers of sports games.

Players who wanted a football game could choose between the Madden, NFL 2K and NFL Quarterback Club. Players who had a Sony console could choose NFL Gameday, at least until that series vanished from gaming in 2005.

Of course, NFL 2K and NFL Quarterback Club series are also relics of an earlier time. EA Sports enjoys an exclusive NFL license, and thus are the only publisher to make an NFL video game.

It’s a similar story for basketball and hockey. 2K Sports’ outstanding NBA 2K series has emerged as the (for now) unchallenged king of NBA simulations, and EA Sports is the only publisher making an NHL game.

Baseball is a little bit different. Sony Computer Entertainment’s MLB: The Show franchise enjoys wide acclaim, but is exclusive to Sony consoles. 2K Sports gets to publish their MLB 2K series for all consoles, but their game has yet to earn the same kind of admiration as The Show.

 Personally, I consider MLB 2K11 to be a “B+” game. I’ve actually been playing it quite a bit lately and have been having fun, but every now and then I will see a player animation that just does not make sense. It’s not a bad game by any means, but my heart will always belong to MVP Baseball 2005.

That said, it’s almost time for new baseball titles, and here are the trailers for MLB 12: The Show and MLB 2K12. If you have a PlayStation 3 and want to play video baseball, you actually have a choice between the two titles.

MLB 12: The Show


MLB 2K12