If I got a chance to write a sequel to L.A. Noire …

The possibility that Rockstar games might – emphasis on might – develop a sequel to L.A. Noire is, to me, the most interesting story circulating on gaming websites today.

Despite some, uh, difficulties in developing a sequel based on the adventures of the original protagonist, LAPD detective Cole Phelps`I think there is plenty of room for a second game exploring the history of crime, corruption and law enforcement in Los Angeles. I know some players would rather see a sequel set in another city, like Chicago, and although I think Chicago would be a great setting for a game, I’m sticking with Los Angeles because I grew up near the City of Angels.

H/t to Kotaku, Joystiq.

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Set in 1947, L.A. Noire’s story touched on such historical topics as the
Black Dahlia murder, gangster Mickey Cohen’s rackets, the return of
World War 2 veterans to Los Angeles and the subsequent development boom
and creation of Southern California’s freeway system. Given a chance for
a sequel, I’d like to see the game jump ahead to the 1960s and give the
game a chance to look at such topics as the Civil Rights Movement, the
Vietnam War protests, the Manson Family killings and the birth of LAPD’s
SWAT team.

I would keep the desk format from the original L.A. Noire, and probably
create three playable character, an LAPD Detective, an FBI agent
assigned to COINTELPRO and a patrol officer. I don’t have time to write
the whole story, but here is how I would arrange the desks:


As in L.A. Noire, I would write the patrol desk to teach players the
elements of the game, but also make the section longer to give players a
chance to see the difficulties of actually being a patrol officer. I’d
set the patrol missions in the predominantly African-American
neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and use the missions as a chance to
look at the Civil Rights movement in Southern California, culminating in
the Watts Riots.


The homicide cases would deal with the investigation of the Manson
Family or a fictionalized series of crimes. I would establish a new
character as the detective in this case, keeping our original patrol
officer on in  supporting role.


For the third series of cases, I would introduce an FBI agent
investigating “subversive activity” at UCLA, where two students who were
also members of the Black Panthers were murdered at Campbell Hall in
1969 in a slaying involving another black nationalist group. Rumors of the government’s potential involvement in the slayings remain controversial.


The game’s final chapter would involve all three protagonists, who in 
various ways would be involved in the LAPD’s work against the Symbionese
Liberation Army following the terrorist group’s move to Los Angeles.
The game’s climax would be built around the 1974 shootout at the SLA’s
safehouse in Inglewood.

Sound like fun? Let us know what you think in the comments.