“I don’t want to be an eggplant again,” and other lines from the Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer

The new trailer for the long-awaited “Kid Icarus: Uprising” shows what could be a very fun game that lets players fight a bunch of monsters while somehow manages to include at least one robot-like device in a world that’s inspired by Greek mythology.

It also features some of the cheesiest writing in gaming history. At first I wondered if the writing was just bad, then I realized it was intentionally bad.

Or maybe this is just Nintendo’s way of tying to convince people to stop asking for voice acting in Zelda games.

Here are just a few lines:

  • “I don’t want to be an eggplant again.”
  • “If he deep fries you, keep your distance. One bite, and you’ll be finished.”
  • “It was bad enough when the dark forces were contained in the underworld.”
  • “Get ready for a display of raw angel power.”

(H/t Kotaku)