You might want to read this before Monday…

If you depend on the Internet, you might want to visit this site from your computer ASAP:

What that site will tell you is if your computer is infected with DNS Changer malware, and how to fix the problem.

What that nasty bit of software does is change your computer’s domain name server (DNS) addresses — the Internet’s “address book,” to simplify — to ones that were once under the control of some Estonian scammers.

The servers are now under the control of the FBI, which plans to shut them down on Monday.

Hence the urgent warning.

Software checkers on Facebook and Google warned most people that their computers had been compromised, and the number of infected computers dwindled from about four million to about 277,000 worldwide, with an estimated 64,000 here in the U.S.

Is your computer one of those still infected? You might not know until you visit that website above.

Or until Monday comes and you realize you can’t get on the Internet.

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