Review: No More Heroes (Wii)


Goichi Suda, director of Ubisoft’s new Wii release, No More Heroes, must have been a fan of Kill Bill. His new game – released in the United States earlier this week – seems like an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s epic film. And Suda’s video game is just as much fun as Tarantino’s movie.

No More Heroes is a first-person action game starring an assassin named Travis Touchdown. Touchdown is the 11th-ranked assassin in the world. To reach the top ranking, he must kill the 10 killers (and their henchmen) in front of him.

The highlights in No More Heroes come during the fight scenes. Travis Touchdown uses a sword similar to a light saber. Battles use a combination of conventional buttons and the Wii’s motion-sensing features. Bad guys are finished off with a swing of the Wii remote – a satisfying way to bring about a fountain of anime blood.

The game has weak spots. In between assassin battles, Travis Touchdown must perform off-topic tasks like kicking coconuts from trees, which become a little tedious. The open-world part of the game strives for Grand Theft Auto-type mayhem, but falls short. But the fun of the kill – along with a wicked sense of humor that rears its head throughout the game – more than make up for the the shortfalls.

Note: The game is rated for mature audiences, and has the blood, guts, language and adult situations to earn it. So don’t buy this one for the kids.