Review: Dragon Age 2


Varric the dwarf knows what makes a good story. A strong character and a
trusty sidekick go a long way, but impossible
odds and an epic scale create staying power.

“Dragon Age 2,” with Varric as its only slightly trustworthy narrator, tracks the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall from refugee to leading citizen. As the champion, Hawke to your friends, Dragon Age 2 is the story of your rise to power. Whether man or woman, peacemaker or warmonger, your Hawke will deal with a good deal of quandaries, no one makes it to the top unscathed.
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Highland artist sets sights on Comic-Con, beyond with ‘Mass Effect’ project

Holly Conrad’s garage in Highland has a pervasive smell of fiberglass, but she says she doesn’t even notice it anymore.

The 24-year-old artist has set up a studio there from which she hopes to launch her dream of designing costumes for movies. But in an industry in which traditional costuming has lost ground to computer-generated imagery, she needs her work to set her apart. That’s where Grunt, Tali’Zorah and Commander Shepard come in.

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“Dragon Age: Origins” review

We should all be used to compelling, immersive role-playing games from Bioware by now, but “Dragon Age: Origins” stands out even while following in the footsteps such games as “Mass Effect” and “Knights of the Old Republic.”

“Dragon Age” sets its roots in familiar swords-and-sorcery territory, but Bioware’s always-great writing and wonderful design set the game apart from its genre competitors. You’ll enter a world in a time of crisis, and you’ll have to get your hands dirty to have any hope of making things right.
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Hands-on with “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves”

After much speculation and conversation, today is the day that I can confirm that “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” will have multiplayer. I can also confirm that the multiplayer is a heck of a lot of fun.

I was among the first people outside developer Naughty Dog to get to play the sequel to the 2007 PlayStation 3 exclusive “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune,” and the new game builds on the success of the original. Naughty Dog unveiled “Uncharted 2″ at a press event in Hollywood last week, and I’ve been itching to talk about it ever since.
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Review: “Fallout 3″

By Todd Kistler
Staff Writer

“Fallout 3″ depicts the world at its worst. Anarchy has replaced a civilization devastated by nuclear war, and most survivors maintain only a tenuous grip on their sanity and humanity. Horrifyingly mutated animals and humans roam the wastes.

And when you’re there, you’ll want to stay as long as you possibly can.
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