Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Bonus & Sweepstakes – OnLive Blog Posting

OnLive has sent some news our way on a new contest that they’re holding for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. It’s going to be served up on OnLive’s service the same day that the PC version hits the shelves, either as a digital download or on retail shelves. If you’re not familiar with what OnLive is, it’s all about the “cloud” – cloud computing.

The way OnLive works is that instead of having to buy a PC built by the gods or a console like the Xbox 360 or the PS3, you can play the game through a browser using OnLive. OnLive does all of the heavy lifting – the graphics, sound, etc. – and beams the game to you, allowing you to play it without worrying about anything more than your skill. You can find out more at their official site here. For contest details, hit the jump below.

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The Silver Lining releases its first episode


At long last, the first episode of the fan-made dedication to King’s Quest by Phoenix Online Studios is done and out in the wild. A word of warning at the time of this writing: you have to register with their fan club first, though, before you get the download screen which can be annoying to deal with. Either that, or wait until the 364MB download gets its own torrent. With that said, it’s worth it for fans of the series to check it out.

When the new holders of the King’s Quest IP, Activision, sent a cease and desist to the developers of “The Silver Lining”, fans were understandably crushed and upset especially after it had come so close to completion.

But it looks like the outpouring of support for the project as well as Phoenix’s dedication have convinced Activision otherwise and, in an uncommon reversal, allowed the free-to-download project to continue.

Though it won’t be called “King’s Quest” because of the usual legalese, fans that have been following the game know who the characters are and what the story is expected to tell. And now that it’s out, how does it fare?
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George Broussard takes questions at Formspring

George Broussard, the designer behind 3D Realms and Duke Nukem, has decided to take on all questions at Now anyone can ask him a question and hope that he answers it on the site. He’s already spoken his thoughts on a few of these, such as:

  • his preference for the Xbox 360 (but admits that he also likes the PS3)
  • that he doesn’t mind used games sales, but hates the way that Gamestop does it
  • that he doesn’t think that games are art. At least, not yet.
  • loves the Atari 2600

So take advantage of it quick! Now if only other developers were to do the same thing…

Edit (3.6.2010): Actually, yes they are. Pi Studio’s Kenn Hoekstra, courtesy of Blue’s News, has posted up a few more links to other devs that are doing just that:

Ubisoft Apologizes for Downtime with Free Stuffs

Did you lose out when you were disconnected from Ubisoft’s DRM servers? Ubisoft has come up with an apology for those affected by the downtime with an offer of free stuff.

According to Kotaku, it seems that PC players of Assassin’s Creed II who were affected will either get the extra map content for AC2 (like the Arsenal Shipyard) or their choice of one of four games: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X, Heroes Over Europe, Endwar, or Prince of Persia.

It’s not quite clear on who got what offer, but as the article points out, it might depend on whether you have the Special Edition or the normal release.

Personally, I’d go with Prince of Persia.

The C&C4 PC crowd on Amazon is…angry…


So far, Amazon is showing EA’s Command & Conquer 4 at a one-star rating by its users. Granted, not all of the “reviews” may be from those that had actually played the game, but the ones that appear to be point out some solid reasons why it has probably killed the series.

Looking through the posts, there aren’t many people that were happy with the direction that the game had taken, the threadbare story that doesn’t quite answer everything, low unit caps, or the draconian DRM that will haunt your PC.

It’s pretty ugly, especially coming in on the heels that EA has let most if not all of the team go. Even former CGW/GFW editor, Jeff Green, had tweeted a little of his own frustrations over the game, and he works for EA.

Ubisoft’s Silent Hunter V has also suffered the same fate along with the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II. There’s some kind of shared theme here, I think.

The Cold War Lives – World in Conflict

The Cold War, aside from hanging the threat of nuclear annihilation over everyone’s heads, had also given birth to James bond, chilling thrills for Tom Clancy’s fans, Tetris, and plenty of tactical fodder for armchair generals to duke it out in the Fulda Gap between the former East and West halves of Germany.

During that time, a wealth of PC titles dedicated to military scenarios built around WW3 filled store shelves from shops such as SSI with their “When Superpowers Collide” series to shoot ’em ups such as Access Software’s “Raid Over Moscow“. Although it’s no longer around, its indelible presence on history continues to provide developers ideas on where to take their own stories and answer several “what-ifs” of their own, even if it means fighting Russian ultranationalists as the new bad guys with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare.

One particular title had asked the question of what would have happened if the Soviet Union hadn’t fallen, if the Kremlin had decided that war was the only way to survive inevitable collapse. Massive Entertainment’s “World in Conflict” was an incredible RTS released in ’07 focusing on an invasion of the United States in 1989 and which had an expanded re-release in ’09 which included the Soviet perspective. It’s an RTS with a good story, too, focusing on the soldiers and even the letters written to their families.

It was slated to come out for consoles, but the plans were scrapped last year. It could have made a great compliment to other RTS-type titles on the Xbox 360 alongside Halo Wars or the PS3 but whether Ubisoft, the new owners of Massive Entertainment, will ever revisit the IP is hard to say. I wish they would, though. The game ends on something of a cliffhanger.

Trailer: World in Conflict – Soviet Assault (WARNING: Some graphic violence)