Oppa Gangnam Style

You might not have heard of Korean pop artist, Psy, but his video on Youtube has gone mega-viral with over 40+ million views in the past month and a half alone prompting quite a few people to sit up and take notice such as CNN.

Even though this isn’t the first time he’s performed, his comeback after a short hiatus has been nothing short of incredible. Thanks to the social buzz chasing after his catchy tune, and the total wackiness of the video, he’s reached members of an audience that might never have bothered to know who he was. It’s par for the course for an increasingly digital world used to minting stars like Justin Bieber in the same way.

So in in this latest hit from the ‘net, Psy demonstrates his horse-like dance moves while singing on about “Gangnam Style” from parking lot decks to the inside of a bus. Surreal comedy? Certified music video genius? Or just something that only K-pop can deliver? You decide. In the meantime, I’m going to hit it up again.

Fan remake of Star Wars is made of fun

What did technologist, Casey Pugh, get when he asked fans to recreate fifteen second slices of Star Wars and then stitched them all together into a director’s cut? You get Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut, two hours worth of awesome, collaborative creativity.

So if you have the time to spare, kick back and relax as you see a galaxy far, far away unfold in bizarre, and hilarious, ways. Now what would the Godfather be like…

The Dream Machine


From Sweden comes this charming, Flash-based adventure game that you can play in your browser. It’s unique in that instead of using flashy graphics or fancy 3D to wow players, the creators instead used cardboard sets and claymation characters to dress it up giving it a special look reminiscent of Wallace & Gromit.

It’s also a finalist at the Independent Games Festival and feels as polished as any game that you might find on a shelf. The first chapter is free to play. After that, you have to pay to see the other episodes in this five chapter series. As for the story, it follows a couple who move into an apartment and later discover a secret that turns their world upside down. The puzzles aren’t difficult with one exception in the first chapter, but they’re fun and the characters are as entertaining to watch onscreen as their dialogue is to read.

As something that can be a negative to some prospective players out there, you also have to be online to play it since the whole series is designed to be played from your browser. On their development blog, they’ve stated that this was necessary to protect themselves from piracy seeing as they don’t have the kind of protection that a publisher could have provided them with. They’re just indies who want to make a good game, but it’s also clear that there are those out there that really don’t care as long as they can get their product for free.


Because it’s all online, it uses its own cloud system for saves though you will have to create an account to make the most out of it. But this also plays into another reason for why they chose this delivery method: you can play the game from any machine that can support the site, whether it’s a Linux box, Windows, or a Mac.

So give this a shot if you’re hungry for something that’s a little different. And when you do, be sure to pick up everything that isn’t nailed down. There’s no telling when that hangar might be useful. Give it a try at their official site here.

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth


No, that’s not the new name of Indy’s next film or some kind of bizarre crossover with the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film, but it is the name of a project that is already ten years in the making by die-hard fans of Lucasarts’ classic adventure games featuring the Man in the Hat.

This one takes place in 1939, before the invasion of Poland by the Nazis, as they scour the globe in search of yet another artifact for the Reich. But the Fountain may only be the start of a race to attain an ancient weapon of forbidden power and only Indy can stop them in time. Doesn’t he always?

The free PC-only demo lets you sample a bit of the impressive gameplay. For those unfamiliar with this type of adventure game, it’s the kind of point-and-click exploration and puzzle busting that were incredibly popular in the eighties and the nineties. You’ll need to scour scenes for clues, examine notes, and break through devious puzzles to beat those nefarious Nazis.

From the sharp art style and polished soundtrack to the puzzles – and even a little fighting – it’s like playing the sequel to Indy’s other adventure, the Fate of Atlantis, all over again. So if you miss those old Lucasarts’ styled adventures – or need something to help forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – try this one out or visit the site and check out the history behind it.

When, and if, the game is finally finished, it’s going to be released as a completely free fan tribute. Definitely keeping my eyes on this one.

Try out some Silk


“Silk” comes courtesy of programmer, Yuri Vishnevsky, as an experiment in “generative art” according to the site. All that you do is draw a line, change the breeze, and let the web do all of the work. It’s like fingerpainting, only with your mouse.

It doesn’t look like you could save your masterpiece, but you can watch an amazing replay of all of the tweaking you did to get it into shape. You can try it out here.

Capcom wants you to make a mecha for Mega Man


Or rather, a Bonne Mecha! The Bonnes are a family in the Mega Man Legend RPG series who specialize in building special robots that perform a variety of different tasks. This time, Capcom’s devs are reaching out again to their fans to see who can make a “Bonne Mech” to feature in the new Mega Man Legends 3 title they’re working on for the Nintendo DS.

It’s been quite a few years since the last Mega Man Legends game had come out – on the PS1. While it seems aimed at older fans that remember the games on the PS1, putting it on the DS will also re-introduce this little slice of Mega Man’s RPG world to a new generation. It’s slated to come out sometime in 2011.

This contest follows a previous one where the devs had asked fans to design a heroine for the game. To help inspire budding mech designers, they’ve provided some material to go over to help spur imaginations at their official developers blog. You can’t submit new ideas yet, but they’ll let everyone know when the floodgates are open. Who knows? The mech that players cry over for being the toughest thing they’ve ever fought might just be yours. How’s that for lasting fame?

Ni no Kuni – an RPG so potentially awesome it comes with its own spellbook

This is a game that I’ve been watching for awhile now ever since I heard about it about two years ago. Level 5 (Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Quest VIII) and famed animation house, Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) have teamed up to make Ni no Kuni, an RPG for the DS and the PS3. The DS version comes out December 9th in Japan with the PS3 getting its own next year. According to the news out from Andriasang, a public ceremony is also planned on the 8th to commemorate its completion.

The story revolves around a young boy whose mother has recently passed away. But his tears bring a doll to life which leads him to another world where it might be possible to bring her back. Aside from the fact that Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli will be doing the animation work for the game, it also comes with a – get ready – 352 page magic book to help uncover secrets within it as well as flesh out its lore. I only hope that the gameplay is solid.

Check out the Japanese trailer below showing off the DS version and quite a bit of the animation work telling the story within the game. And let’s hope it makes it over here sooner rather than years later!

Bill Murray is decked out…


…in his Ghostbusters gear at the Spike Scream Awards. According to the Ghostbusters III Blog, a site set up by fans tracking everything that they can find out on the new movie purportedly still in the works, Bill Murray showed up at the show in full gear to accept two awards; one for his cameo in Zombieland, and another for the movie winning “best horror movie”. Zombieland was a great movie, but “horror”? I’m still trying to figure that part out, but you can check out the rest of the pics on the site.

There’s been a lot of talk this month on the script for the new flick with Sony apparently happy with it. The big question on everyone’s mind seems to hinge on whether Bill Murray likes it or not. Akyroyd is positive that he will, so all that we can do is wait and see what happens next.

As for what it it’s going to be about, your guess is as good as mine. Over the years, bits and pieces have rumored that it was going to involve the Ghostbusters fighting an overflow of souls from Hell hitting New York City to Bill Murray returning as a ghost. But the ones that seem to have the most steam behind them are the ones that call it out as a sort of ‘passing of the torch’ kind of thing to a younger generation of Ghostbusters.

Right now, the film is rumored for a 2012 release if everything works out, so keep those streams crossed.